Our 2nd July events is coming! Outdoor BarreLates & KLÚB Picnic on 21.07
Our 2nd July event is coming!
Outdoor BarreLates & KLÚB Picnic on 21.07


Mat pilates

Discover the transformative benefits of Mat Pilates. Strengthen your core, enhance flexibility, and achieve a balanced mind-body connection through controlled movements and focused breathing.
All classes will be conducted in English.
Find out about the variety of our Mat Pilates classes:
lv. 01
Whether you’re a  Pilates newcomer or looking to stay active, our classes are spot-on. They’re dedicated to enhancing your power, flexibility, and stability. This type will suit the beginner level greatly. Such regular Pilates practice establishes a strong foundation in your muscles and back, promoting improved alignment and added strength.

In each session, we place emphasis on refining your alignment and mastering the technique of mindful breathing. The outcome? You’ll leave feeling revitalized and prepared to seize the day!"
lv. 02
Crafted for individuals prepared to embrace a physical challenge, these sessions are perfectly suited for Pilates enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience.

Enhance your core strength, boost flexibility, and amplify full-body command as you explore the Pilates realm more profoundly. Prepare to embrace the synergy of exactness and elegance in every motion.
lv. 03
In this class advanced exercise techniques and heavier equipment meet the core principles of Pilates in a challenging format.

This class is tailored for those who are ready to push their limits and experience contemporary Pilates with a focus on muscle building and power enhancement.

Before stepping into Level 3, we recommend a solid foundation through our Level 2 classes or at least three months of a consistent exercise routine.

Wake Me Up
Suitable for all levels and modifiable to your personal needs.

Our energizing morning Pilates class gets you ready and set for the upcoming day.

Movements consist of lighting up the deep core muscles, as well as strengthening the whole body with big, strong movements while improving flexibility.
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